eSIM - embedded SIM card

What is eSim?

The term "eSIM" simply means an embedded SIM card. There are no physical SIM cards involved and no physical swapping over required by you.

An eSIM is basically a small chip inside your phone that works in a similar way to the chips used for Apple Pay and Google Pay. The information on an eSIM is rewritable, allowing you to change your operator with a simple phone call.

To use eSIM you device must have eSIM capability and be unlocked to take advantage of multiple carrier switching. All devices sold by Adonis Voice come unlocked as standard.

eSIM QR Code

Adonis Voice provides easy connect QR codes to automatically configure your eSIM capable device.

After purchasing the eSIM package you will be sent a secure link to the eSIM QR code on our secure server. We do not send the QR code by email, only the secure link to it.

Follow these instructions once you have your QR code:

1. Open your device and tap settings
2. Tap Mobile Data
3. Tap add data plan
4. Scan the QR code provided in the secure link with the camera on your device and the eSIM download will start
5. Label the data plan so you can easily identify it and tap continue
6. Tick the option that describes how you will use the eSIM, in this case as the default plan, or secondary plan if you only wish to use it for global roaming
7. Tap done.

Having trouble scanning the QR code?

Make sure you're connected to WiFi because once the eSIM is complete your phone will be temporarily disconnected until you have downloaded the profile for the eSIM. You need to be connected to WiFi or a hotspot to be able to download the profile.

Try scanning the QR code again, and if you are still having trouble, contact support for help.

All Mobile plans include an eSIM option and are available from

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