Fibre, Cable, ADSL/VDSL

Emergency Phone line included

Adonis Voice knows that emergency services are important to all customers regardless of how they use their communications. So with every data plan we provide you a single VoIP number that directly connects your home to a VoIP DID at no extra charge, to make sure your family is protected with emergency calls.

The provided VoIP DID can receive calls, make calls at our low calling rates, or be barred from outgoing except emergency calls.

A physical VoIP phone is not provided and can be purchased separately. Free PC VoIP phone apps, and mobile/tablet apps are available and can use this VoIP service.
Broadband will not work without power, neither will VoIP. This includes emergency services. To avoid interuption you can stay connected with data on mobile (any provider) using our VoIP service, or you can buy a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or generator.

Broadband Plan

Adonis Voice provides Fibre and DSL broadband services to home and business at great rates.

Broadband is high-speed internet access, and speeds vary depending on plan, availability, and service type. VoIP, landlines, and data are today delivered across broadband networks. Primarily, service standards have been in this order of speed: Fastest = fibre, then Cable, VDSL, and last DSL. Cable providers in Canada and USA, provide entertainment services across this network, but these can also be delivered across fibre. While VDSL and DSL can deliver entertainment, they are best suited to streaming services like Netflix.

DSL (ADSL/VDSL) and Cable (USA/Canada only) is an acceptable older standard of service, but we prefer Fibre where available.

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Data sync

We offer, on all plans, cloud sync for your bookmarks, notes, contacts, calendar, and documents on all smart devices, directly controlled though your account login. Edit, share and collaborate on documents on the go from your phone, tablet, or computer using everyday compatible apps like nextcloud. Fully Wifi and mobile data compatible.

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